Better-paying jobs

Unemployment in northeastern Michigan is twice as high as the statewide unemployment rate. It's time we build a stronger economy for northern Michigan families, and we do this by promoting workforce training and supporting smart policies that attract better-paying jobs instead of repeating the failed policies of the past.

Protect natural resources and the Great Lakes

Because our way of life in northern Michigan is largely dependent upon natural resources and the Great Lakes, we must promote tourism, protect our water, and manage natural resources using proven scientific methods. 

Lower car insurance rates

It wasn't fair that seniors and hardworking families in Michigan were paying some of the highest rates in the country for car insurance. That's why we fixed Michigan's rigged no-fault insurance system to lower prices and offer more choices.

Strengthen education and vocational training

To prepare students and workers for a career, we must provide quality instruction in the classroom and expand vocational training. Achieving funding equity for northern Michigan schools is important to ensure that our students and teachers are given the necessary tools to succeed. We must also demand that more decisions are made at the local level by parents and community leaders in northern Michigan not by bureaucrats in Lansing or Washington, DC.

End wasteful spending and make government more accountable

To create more transparent government, it's about time we pass the Legislative Open Records Act to open up public access to records of the Governor and Legislature. We must also demand that politicians do a better job of prioritizing spending, reducing debt and utilizing our tax dollars more efficiently.

Demand more local control and defend private property rights and our outdoor heritage

More decisions concerning our communities, schools and public safety need to be made at the local level not in Lansing or Washington, DC. Private property rights must be protected, and we must defend our 2nd Amendment rights and preserve our outdoor heritage for our generation and for our children and grandchildren.